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Welcome to Midnight Frost books.

Sept 20 2013

I’m starting a blog as my publishers – Midnight Frost – deem it desirable. It was probably something I should have done a while ago, but I was sidetracked by my other publisher – authors online – being keener on social media, ie Facebook. In fact they even did a Facebook page for WWA, but I don’t think I am pushy enough to do more that post stuff on my timeline for my friends to see. Anyway as I understand it, I should give news of my writing progress. WWA is out and did better than I could have hoped for with me being a complete unknown doing virtually no publicity. The important thing I learned from the few less than stellar reviews I got was that I really needed a professional editor, as pay publishers don’t do that. Living in a country with no fiction publishing at all, I sort of had to go the self publishing way first time out.
With The Decision (Don’t know if they will keep or change the title), it is being edited, and the cover is in progress. As soon as I can, I will post it here. I’m guessing that the publication date is a couple of months out as I haven’t yet been advised of the changes and rewrites they will undoubtedly wish me to make. Of course I hope for it well before Christmas. More to come soon.

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