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Why Write?

If you have read some of the other stories on this site you will have seen that I seem to have a bit of literary heritage. My father wrote a book about Gauguin; it was published in 1939 and was translated into both French and German. The German edition was particularly successful; unfortunately he never got any of the royalties in that language! He also wrote the commentary to a South Seas travel book and wrote another artist’s biography. That one was a bit of a disaster for him  as just as he was getting ready to submit the manuscript someone else published a bio of the same artist. That one never saw the light of day, and after his tribulations in the war he never had the oomph to write anything else. My mother sold a few short stories to get some pennies coming in, published anonymously while he was working on the never to be published manuscript, so he didn’t know! My grandmother saw her own manuscript sunk in actuality with a liner that went down near Australia, and was a journalist until she met my grandfather, after which she did bugger all! I have always looked up to published authors as people who have accomplished something worthwhile. Whatever the genre, it is a combination of imagination, application and determination, as well as the ability to conquer self doubt. I have read a lot of SF and Fantasy. There are two symptoms that readers of those genres show; the first is that they never throw the books away but accumulate a vast library. The second is that they all want to write something themselves. I have started easily with writing to this website, and have a project underway that I am more than slightly embarrassed about, bearing in mind my age, nationality and profession. When (not if as I am damn well going to see it through!) that is finished it will be on this site as well. 

I also hope to get on with writing a novel in the genre I read. I have some ideas, and hope that I will eventually be able to give something back to repay all the wonderful hours I have spent reading those authors much agonized-over works.  Why write? That one is easy: it is a challenge, and it’s fun!!  


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