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They’re on vacation

This might have been a Casino story but it is more personal, at least in the end, so filed under personal it is.
I had been a Pit Boss for several years or so and wanted to progress, so I had seen the then Casino manager and asked to be assigned as the Pit Boss of a “Main Pit” which would be an increase in responsibility (but no pay!) however I thought that would make me a more suitable candidate for promotion in the future should a vacancy occur at a higher level. A week or so later the Casino manager offered me the post of Blackjack boss on day shift. I was very happy with this except that I came into the Casino business, and stayed because I didn’t like getting up too early in the morning, something I probably have in common with a lot of my colleagues, at least those still on the right side of forty which, at that time I was. Naturally having asked for something (be careful what you wish for…!) I accepted; however since I was due to go on a month’s vacation soon, we agreed that I would start when I came back. The upside was that my wife always wanted me to be on day shift so I could be home at night, so she would be very happy when I started day shift! I kept quiet about it as I wanted it to be a surprise!
When the vacation was over we came back through Miami, and while waiting to get on the plane back to Nassau, I met a couple of colleagues getting off the plane, and they hailed me. They rushed up to me and said “Have you heard the news?” I shook my head and asked “What news?” All a-twitter they said “They have let go a lot of work permit holders. Dealers, supervisors and Pit Bosses” When I asked for names they replied with quite a few names but the kicker was …and we know there are more, but nobody knows who they are because they are on vacation!”
I suppose that it was a vote of confidence from these Bahamian dealers that they never considered that I might be one of those mentioned, just coming back as I was from my vacation, as they blithely rattled on.
In truth, as I knew I would be taking on a slightly more responsible task on my return, I didn’t consider that either. My problem was that my wife with whom I was travelling was of a slightly nervous disposition and would not believe me unless I had it from the horse’s mouth. I also didn’t want her to suffer the worry of not knowing until I could tell her straight up that I still had my job!
I was therefore extremely careful to avoid anyone from the Casino -there were a few on the flight – unti lI had had a chance to get the real story. All went well and as soon as I could after we got home, I made my excuses and told my wife I was going to the Casino to “Get my mail and find out what shifts I have next week.”
I immediately ran down the Casino manager who assured me that I had a job, and who also took the time to explain the situation to me. This is what he said:
“For the first time at the end of last month, the immigration department chose not to renew one of the work permits held by the table games staff. We had been told that the government wanted to see the ratio of work permit holders to Bahamian staff in the table games department down to 25/75. Management had of course assumed that this meant …by the end of the year. The government had really meant …before the election. When it was obvious that we were not on their agenda, they decided to do this to get our attention. They also told us that they would pull two permits every month, at random until the ratio was achieved.”  
Obviously management thought it better that they choose who to let go rather than rely on the fickle finger of fate, so they had a quick think and made the decisions.
I happily strode back home secure in my job only to find my wife a shaking blob of jello outside our house. She had phoned a friend and found out. You do your best and still things go pear shaped. Such is life!   

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