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The cream puff diet

   One of my cousins did boxing at school, and was good enough to represent his school against other schools. When it came time for the meet against their greatest rivals he heard that the opponent in his weight division was absolutely fearsome, routinely wiping the floor with everyone he faced! My cousin had no illusions that his skills were going to be up to the challenge, and not wishing to be a floor mat, he looked for a legitimate and face-saving way to avoid him.
   Weight was the answer; if he couldn’t make the weight he would be OK. He therefore decided to put on a few pounds; he started a diet which included seconds of everything, and lots of cream (British double cream is an extremely fattening food, almost as calorific as caviar!) and made an absolute pig of himself. He lazed around, and even refrained from going to the bathroom in the couple of days prior to the weigh-in. He had done his absolute best to avoid the destroyer!
   Come the weigh-in, he confidently stepped onto the scales only to be greeted with the cry “Oh well done, jolly good show! you’ve made the weight!” from the coach. (Excuse the pompous English, but this was over eighty years ago and people actually said things like that!)

   As you may have gathered he had the shit comprehensively beaten out of him. So remember not every diet works!

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