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The Cap gone crazy!

Susan Christou writes

I hadn’t worked at P.I. for long however, having been one of the few (if any
others ‘exist’, I’m not sure) who had worked for Playboy, Crystal Palace and
P.I…..I was acquainted with the majority of people who worked there, although
CC was not one of them I knew well. It was dayshift, pretty quiet, when a lady I
didn’t recognize came to the end of the pit and handed CC an envelope. He
proceeded to open it, withdrew what I presume was a card and read the contents.
Well, that’s when all hell broke loose. CC was running up and down the pit
screaming like a banshee, throwing his arms up into the air, jumping up and
down, etc…… I thought ‘this man has lost it’!

This went on for nearly two minutes,the players looked scared to death, as for
us…suffice to say it broke the monotony.

So…..what was in the envelope? Apparently the lady was CC’s wife delivering
the news…..CC was going to be a Daddy.

Sorry….no sex, drugs or rock and roll…just a nice human interest story. All
say aahh!
CC continues – In the envelope was a positive pregnancy test. It had been handed to me with the wish “Happy Birthday” as it was my birthday. The date August 10 1992. This was an event I couldn’t ever forget! Oh yes: I was probably acting like an idiot, but I figure in the circumstances i was allowed!

A couple of years later my wife got pregnant again (OK so I got her pregnant!) This time the scene was a bit different. She said to me “Darling I have some wonderful news, I’m pregnant and we’re moving” After a moment of befuddled silence she continued and said “James you don’t seem to be as happy as you were last time!” I really had no good reply to that.

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