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Further down the line

I am still writing, and my scrappy stuff can be seen partially finished. I suppose that most authors have ‘works in progress’  that await further inspiration, but I will finish them eventually. If you read my little piece on the Midnight Frost blog, you will already know a little bit about my next book. It is at a shade over 40,000 words, which means I am not even halfway there, at least by my standards. WWA came in at 134,500 and the Decision is at around 116,000 – at least until the editors cut out all the chaff they find. I am really glad to have someone help me with that. The one I am waiting to decide what to do with is only 97,000 words, so at least they are getting shorter. Would you believe that one of the comments I got more than once on my reviews for WWA was that it finished too quickly!

You can’t please everyone.

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