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Being asked to look over my manuscript after a professional editor has been at it, was an experience especially as it was a first for me . Of course I had no idea how often I had made silly errors, let alone the couple of hundred places where she thought I could make improvements. It’s humbling, having said that I would much rather have an editor than not, and am very grateful for the help.

Making the adjustments isn’t easy, and in some cases it’s a mind bender. I’m sure I’ve made things worse not better in a few places, and elsewhere I probably didn’t quite understand what was suggested. In others, my changes produced a domino effect causing me to change more and more stuff further on. Others I was almost afraid to touch.

I expect that when I see the manuscript next, I will find that I have taken several steps in the wrong direction, but I will be happy, because more will have been right.

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