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The Zinger

Once in a while, you hear a player come out with a line that makes you want to applaud. Sometimes you get one that makes you wince. You even get those that make every member of staff stop whatever they were doing and pay attention.

It is unusual to hear one that not only fulfills all three of these criteria, but also makes all the staff members who hear it look immediately for the nearest security officer.

It was around ten past three in the morning. That is a good time for altercations to start with, as the remaining players are either half cut, or well zonked. Or both. It was the last Roulette table, and there were four people hanging around the game. Two, in their thirties we playing by the wheel, and two southern boys who were big, young and strong, were watching from the end.

The boys started to get mouthy, and after a few minutes of putting up with their trash, the man nearest the wheel, a Canadian, decided it was his turn, and he came out with the show stopping, but incendiary line: 

“Don’t you boys have some cousins somewhere you need to go and marry?”

“WHERE’S THE NEAREST SECURITY?”  was my immediate reaction, as I expected a rather nasty altercation to erupt in the next second or two. This was, unsurprisingly, the reaction of the dealer, chipper, and supervisor on the game. Our eyes all swiveled about almost in unison, only to alight on a security office standing right beside those good young southern boys. We all tensed, and then slowly relaxed as nothing went down, and the boys slipped away.

For some reason we all felt we had dodged a bullet, when in fact it was the smartmouth Canadian who had gotten lucky!

Of course the bastard had probably scoped out the security guard, and taken a chance on this line that he must have heard and liked on a sitcom!

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