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The wife who tried to save her husband money

We have a customer who is a sick gambler. Alright, we probably have more sick gamblers on our books than we could count, but in the case of this player, his wife tried to do what she could to stem the tide of losses.

It didn’t work very well. You see, what she did was surreptitiously appropriate some of his chips while he enjoyed a winning run. In fact during the first three days of his trip he was a consistent winner. In fact he was a much bigger winner than he realized, as she secreted quite a lot of chips in various female places about her person.

It made life rather difficult for the dealer who felt that it would be more than inappropriate if she mentioned that high value checks were ending up in his wife’s bra. This is one of the classic things that aren’t very clever for us to mention, as getting between husband and wife tends top land us with a hiding to nothing.

Now on the fourth day of his trip the tide turned, and he blew virtually all of his credit line in one sitting. This led him to request an extension to his credit line. Unfortunately, since there existed a rather large difference between what he had won and what he thought he had won, he didn’t get it.

We give casino credit solely for the purpose of casino gambling, and therefore don’t extend a credit line unless a player has lost virtually all of his credit.

Understandably the guy was perplexed. He believed he had lost enough to warrant an extension, and we knew he didn’t. Telling him like it was, wasn’t easy. We actually knew that over $40,000 of his chips had been cashed out, as we had it on camera. I had to tell him, “We have double checked our figures, sir, and we know they are correct.” To his squinty look of doubt, the best I could add was, “The balance of probability, backed up with all we have discovered, strongly suggests that the difference between our view of your loss, and yours, is that the difference is somewhere in possession of your party.”

I will admit to both obfuscation and circumlocution, however the bare fact that his wife had basically stolen his chips did not immediately click. Instead, he got wound up. He went to the cage, demanding an extension, and threatened not to pay if he didn’t get one. That didn’t go down well. Eventually he managed to get something to play with from his wife, who by now knew that the jig was up. She admitted to spending some of the money shopping, getting a rebuke from me as I reminded her that casino credit was solely for gaming purposes.

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