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Tactics of mistake

This is pretty much of a salutary tale about the things that can go wrong when casino management starts giving in to the continuous petty requests of a group of players with very serious money.

We had such a group visit us recently. Italians. They were rude to all and sundry, they made excessive demands, and continually pushed the envelope of what was acceptable. It may have been simply to see where the bosses would draw the line, but with three million to lose between four players, they had a lot of clout.

One of the things they got was the okay that they could collectively bet twice the table limit on roulette. Management may have thought of this as limiting their exposure as they would expect, if they all bet similarly, to get three times the limit.

They pushed. They got free spins (spin with no bets) on their private roulette game. The same on Baccarat, which one of them played. Generally speaking, if they had a whim, their arrogance, money and aggressiveness meant it was granted. It is with this background that the following occurred.

One of the players came up to their private game, and made the request, as another of the group was already playing cash $500 chips on the numbers. “Instead of having a colour marked as $500 chips, could you mark the $5 cash chips as $500 chips?”

The supervisor, who was very experienced, immediately thought, “What the fuck?” which is the reaction anybody who knows casinos would have had, as this is a monumental security risk because there are over ten thousand $5 chips floating around the casino. This safety valve was circumvented when the dealer, who the supervisor knew had been handling their action for several days, told the supervisor, who was new to them, “We’ve been allowing them to do this.”

Knowing that the dealer in question had been handling them for some time, the supervisor believed him, and made the decision to allow this uniquely ghastly scenario to proceed. Part of his reluctance to question the dealer, or ask his superior, the pit boss, for guidance may have been because he didn’t want to upset these people who were all overbearing, demanding, and rude, with the wherewithal to get away with it.

Naturally, a short time later, the pit boss came over, and asked what was going on. She was told, “She’s playing $5 chips as $500 chips, but no worries, I have an exact count of the $5 chips on the game.”

Now, since the supervisor was very experienced, and the boss relatively new at the job, she believed him, and allowed this appallingly dangerous travesty to continue.

Soon the shift boss appeared, and that was when the shit hit the fan. Big time.

“I don’t know what the pit boss was told when she was taken in the office, but I imagine it started off with several inappropriate words, delivered in a slightly louder than usual tone of voice. It would have been followed with something I can guess more closely, and may have gone rather like this:

“Do you know how many fucking $5 chips we have in this casino? About fifteen thousand, that’s how many. Even if she only sneaks in one stack of them, she would have stolen almost ten thousand! Get it together, there’s no way anybody would have approved this idiotic idea. When something looks horribly out of whack, you can bet it is.”

And that is partially the reason why these rich fucks like to push us around; They get off when we screw up!

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