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It happened at Tamarind Hill one night

I was reminded of this classic today when The Tamarind (a bar/restaurant) came up in conversation. It was a busy Monday night in the football season and Joe Montana’s 49ers were playing. The bar inside was packed, and there were plenty of people outside where they could see the televisions. A lot of us casino guys were involved in fantasy leagues and nearly everyone was glued to the action.

Suddenly a guy sprinted past me and vanished into the bush. I, and a couple of others might have thought it a bit odd, but out attention immediately reverted to the game. Moments later we sort of heard some sort of commotion outside. I looked up and saw one of my friends who was in a position to see outside mouth to me “Just stay there and watch the game.” Apparently there were two shotgun toting robbers out there doing what they did best. It wasn’t long before someone noticed our friend Scooter was on the payphone in the corner, and being worried that the robbers might see him, think he was calling the police.

Several other drinkers twigged to the danger Scooter was in, and by various  hand motions and exhortations tried to get him to hang up.

Unfortunately, Scooter was deaf in one ear and the other was covered by the receiver. It took quite a few nervous moments before he got the message. When he did, he said into the phone, so most of us could hear, “I’ve got to go now, we’re being robbed.”

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