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Cell phone blues

This is one of those stories that are so embarrassing to the principal, that to give his name would only be adding to his misery. Of course, he may deserve the misery, and I’m sure some of you reading this will think so. Others will commiserate. Many of you reading this will know who he is anyway, but a few may not. It is a bit of a legendary story.

I worked with the guy, nice chap, never had a bad thing to say about him. Being another guy, I only saw one side of him.

I’ll call him Joe. That’s a mild tip of the hat to my Bahamian readers who will make a cultural connection.

Joe was married, but he wasn’t a perfect husband. He had his bit on the side, and no doubt made up a good line of tales to cover his activities. Luck was not his friend. One day he was visiting his other lady, and they became so enthusiastic that in their first embraces, his cell phone came out of his pocket to rest on the bed. After a minute or so, as things progressed, they both managed to roll over it.

Like most husbands he had his wife on speed dial, so rather than having to input a string of numbers, he could call her merely by pressing two buttons. While they rolled around, these got pressed, and in the appropriate order. According to my sources, his wife listened to them cavort for the full half hour of their entanglement, producing an Instant acrimonious and no doubt financially damaging divorce.

I’ll bet he doesn’t put his lady friends on speed dial any more!

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