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About James:                                           March 12 2015

I am about to be a guest on Dawn Roberto’s blogsite on the 19th. I must admit I have no idea at all what to do or say as this will be a new experience for me. It is of course all about marketing, something which I basically know bugger all about. Wish me luck as I don’t want to make a complete fool of myself.



December 1 2014

I have posted several new chapters of my unfinished novels recently, to make up for the fact that “The Man in the Middle” will be published. I write, I believe, the sort of stuff I would like to read, so it is a contemporary fantasy, more than a bit alternative, and has a lot of unexpected twists. More news when a publication date is set. BTW please comment on my unfinished work as I live on a rock without much benefit of peer assistance.

October 13 2014. It’s time for a serious update. I have been very ill for most of the past year, and I have only recently been well enough to start writing again. My primary focus now is to finish the two stalled novels which are posted on the site. I hope to have that done by year’s end. That will give me three unpublished Mss, and obviously I hope to get at least one published. Then, health permitting, I will be looking at a couple of other projects including a book with Amica, a character from The Wheelwright’s Apprentice, as the protagonist. This will not be a sequel, but a spinoff and standalone. I don’t like the idea of books that do not stand alone as I am a reader, (What author isn’t?) and hate being left hanging.

I do hope that those of you reading this like this site. It is very content heavy, as I post all my unpublished writing here. The novels are here so that friends can comment on them and give me feedback. The casino stories can be read by anyone, but it helps if you know a bit about casinos.

Hello! Please find the new Blog feature that my publishers want me to have. Hopefully my webmaster will one day put the latest offering on this page. Meanwhile the blog posts are on the lower right with the most recent one on top.

I’m gobsmacked! The Wheelwright’s Apprentice is doing very well…bearing in mind that it is a self-published book, and isn’t supported by any publisher and hasn’t been promoted in any way. On amazon.com, it has garnered some great reviews, and has risen as high as the thirteen hundreds on the kindle bestseller list. I could not have hoped for anything more, if only it keeps up!

Well, it’s all happening for me now. The Decision has been picked up by Crimson Frost/Midnight Frost books, so Now it’s Bye Bye to The Decision. You will see a cover eventually, and I may post back a teaser chapter’ July 2 2013

OK Now “Will” is gone. If you wanted to read it, now you will have to get it from any good etailer.

Last few days before “Will” is removed as WWA is about to be published. I have the copy to check over for printer’s errors, and when I have done that, it will be for sale. Amazon et al think my middle name is “Lord”! No idea where that came from, but I wrote the publishers a funny letter back.

I work at Atlantis casino on Paradise Island, where I have spent the bulk of my career. I started writing casino stories from Paradise Island casino, as it then was, as there were so many interesting and intriguing ones floating around that I felt they ought to be recorded somehow. Dodge City had nothing on us.